Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday is Thursday?

Today I had to work. Blech. I think I already mentioned it but China does this weird thing where if you get more than one day off of work for a holiday, you have to it back. So I got Thursday and Friday off and had to work today. It was a strange realization when I finished up the work day and that I still had 5 more days of work this week. Ugh.

Yesterday I went to Century Park again. Lucy and I met up with the same group we hung out with last some more! It was TONS of fun. There was dodge ball and Frisbee and badminton and soccer and card games and general chatting as well. I've decided I love badminton and want to play more often.

Here is Lucy expertly catching a frisbee with some of our new friends.
I can't remember this guys name (I am pretty sure he was from Italy). I just really like this picture because you have the iconic Shanghai skyline in the back and lots of greenery in the foreground.
And here's a picture that Lucy took with her camera. The colors are so much more vivid in this picture...hmph. I look have passed out in this picture, but otherwise it's nice.
I haven't been feeling too well recently. It's a little hard to breathe and I keep having ucky coughs. I have a student who is out with pneumonia, so now I'm all paranoid that I have it. Here's hoping that I'm just being a hypochondriac. If it's the same or worse tomorrow I will go to the school doctor.

Two other things:
1. I have learned the wonders of making iced tea the old fashioned way. As in, make a whole bunch of tea and then put it in the fridge. I made a whole pitcher and finished it in a day and a half. I made another pitcher today with a different kind of tea...hope it's yummy too.

2. China is doing weird things to my self confidence about my appearance. Whenever I see two or more middle age or older Chinese people, they assume I can't speak Chinese and say these two things about me, one right after the other:
-她是很胖. (She is very fat.)
-她很好看. (She is very pretty/good looking.)


Much love,

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