Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Lime

So since I am here for another year I decided to buy myself a present. A new bike.

Now, my old bike tried so hard to be a good bike. But the poor old boy had a number of problems. The seat broke and the pedal kept falling off and the basket kept coming loose and the mud guard cracked. He was just so much of a hassle. Often I would just walk, even if where I was going was far, because the idea of riding him just seemed unpleasant.

Besides, I had been drooling over these "city bikes" that Decathlon had. They were pretty cheap, actually. I've decided to name him The Lime. I figured it was fitting since my first bike turned out to be such a "lemon", and also because he is such a beautiful lime color. He is an absolute joy to ride. I've had The Lime for about a week now and I have already clocked in about 8 hours of riding.

Wednesday, just for fun, I decided to ride to the Science and Technology museum. I had already been riding around for a bit so I'm not sure exactly how long it took, but I am going to guess about 35-40 minutes. That makes me happy. If the weather is nice this weekend I think I might ride to Century Park. It's supposed to be a nice place to ride around.

There he is in front of the Science and Technology Museum. Beautiful!

I am also excited because it's a Chinese style bike with the flat part on the back which can be used as a seat. No one has taken me up on my offer of a ride yet. Oh well.



Emily said...

I thought I saw you on the subway today and I got excited. And then I remembered you were not exactly in New York City and I got sad. The end!

Bonnie said...

The Lime is beautiful!