Thursday, 21 May 2009

Knitting Update Nine

Well, this is it for now friends. I have knitted all the skeins I brought with me to China. There should be one square for every person that gave me yarn as a present. If you gave me yarn and did not see a square labeled from you, please tell me!

I will probably have to knit a couple more squares so that my final blanket can end up being the right shape. Right now I am pretty sure I have 33 squares total (there may be another one floating around there somewhere). If I knit two more I can have a 5x7 square blanket...

Anyway, here are the last of them! This is from Walt and Carolyn. Very pretty earth tones.
This is from my mom friend's Jean. She put a nice note in about "it's a small world" events that happened with her family and signed it "Jean (Vickie's bud) which I thought was cute. :-)
This is from the awesome Bethany and her friend Lynn.
And last but not least we have this square from George and Nora Santos, also from Kamatics.
So that's it for now until I get home. Part of me really wants to finish the blanket this summer while I'm home, but the more rational part of me realizes that working on an all wool blanket in the middle of the summer may not be the smartest idea...

THANK YOU SO MUCH again to everyone who generously gave me a skein of yarn for this blanket. I love it already and it's not even done yet!

If you want to see all the finished squares again I have them HERE in my facebook album.

Much love,

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