Saturday, 9 May 2009


Shooting as

I decided to try something stupid and fun the other day. I took pictures while riding my bike! Um...yeah!

Here are some of my favorites.

Somewhat blurry picture of the normal amount of bike traffic in Pudong.
Ultra blurry picture of a woman pulling a cart about 5 times her size.
Only-kinda-blurry picture of a guy carrying some huge metal case across his knees while riding his motorbike.
My personal favorite...way too blurry picture of a man on a motorbike with a cage of live chickens on the back.
And...ME! It's hard to tell, but I promise you this picture was taken while I was riding my bike. Notice my hair being blown in the breeze and the slightly frenzied look on my face as I try to balance and aim and smile and not fall down all at the same time.
Obviously I need to change the shutter speed on my camera if I am going to try bike riding and photo taking at the same time again.

***This blogger does not encourage ride-by-shootings. Riding a bike while taking pictures may end up in a broken camera, a broken bike, a broken ego (cuz the pictures come out really blurry) or broken bones. Consult a doctor (specifically a therapist) before you try ride-by-shootings.***

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