Wednesday, 13 May 2009


So after lots of searching online and Zeno (and also D'Arcy) being SUPER SUPER helpful and lots of phone calls...I have plane tickets to come home for the summer! I will arrive at JFK on June 16th and will be heading back to Shanghai on August 28th.

I also called my parents who are on vacation right now. I called them at 2AM. To see if they would approve of me buying cheap plane tickets. Yeah. I realize now how stupid that is. This is roughly how the conversation went:

Parents: Mbrmgmm....Hello?
Me: Sorry to wake you up, but I just found pretty much the cheapest round trip plane tickets I've ever seen. I wanted to check with you two first before I saved a bunch of money. So, do you approve of cheap tickets?
Parents: You are a moron. We're going back to bed. Buy the tickets...moron.

Ok, they didn't actually call me a moron. But I feel really stupid. Nothing I can do about it now.

Finally, here is a cool picture my dad sent me of the shuttle launch that my mom and him saw yesterday in Florida.

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