Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lazy Saturday, Sporty Sunday

Saturday was one of the most boring days since I moved to Shanghai. I played guitar, read Dark Tower, watched a movie, did laundry and wrote post cards...that's about it. I didn't even leave my apartment.

I decided to make up for it today. I stopped off at the post office and finally mailed off my package for Elysse and then rode The Lime to Century Park. I was a little upset when I got there to find out that bikes are not allowed in. Crap! I had to lock it up outside.

I met up with Lucy who said that I was looking very "sporty" today. Do I look sporty?
Anyway, it was a bunch of fun. We sat and had some snacks I brought. Lucy laughed at me and said I had brought some very "Chinese" snacks. Iced green tea, fresh fruit, sunflower seeds and dried squid. Yum yum. We chatted and sunbathed and played cards.

And took some pictures of course. I have some serious hat head here.Oh well. While we were hanging out there were a couple of laowais near us that were playing badminton. A few times the bird landed near us and we smiled and joked around. When they brought out a volleyball they asked if we wanted to join them. We just stood in a circle hitting the ball around. Then a Japanese man who had been watching nearby joined us and we played some sort of weird version of dodge ball.

We played a few rounds and then we sat with the laowais, finding out where everyone was from (sorry, no picture of them). One was from Russia, one from Holland, two from Denmark and two from Turkey. I love stuff like that. We exchanged contact info and made tentative plans to all meet up at the park again next week.

After being at the park for about 6 hours and getting a sunburn on my shoulders, it seemed time to leave. I was happy to find my bike wasn't stolen. I stopped on my way home at Element Fresh and got the most delicious wrap EVER. Isn't it wonderful how much better food tastes when you've been really active?That's all for now folks. I'm teaching some relationship slang to my students tomorrow...that should be interesting.

Much love,

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Cori said...

lol successful relationship slang like honey and cutey? Or failed relationship slang like douche bag and fuck face? PS THANKS FOR LETTING ME STAY OVER!!!