Friday, 1 May 2009

Knitting Update Eight

YAY! This time all four pictures behaved and uploaded in the same direction! Whoo!

I'm going to make this quick cuz I haven't posted in a while. This is very likely to be another multiple post day.

First up is a square with yarn from Donna.
This square was made with yarn from my Aunt Susan.
This square was made with yarn from Frank and Flo (who got me an unheard of TWELVE skeins of yarn as a grad gift. It was hard to choose which skein from them to use for my blanket.)
And the last for today is a square made with yarn from Twila.
You may have noticed I am kind of zipping through the squares lately. I made a promise to myself to have the squares all done after one year, regardless of my plans for the upcoming year. I only have three skeins left here, and after they are done I will have completed one square for every person who gave me yarn. I may have to make a couple more squares just so I have the right number of squares for a blanket, but my original plan will be finished in just three more squares...

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