Monday, 27 April 2009

An International Day

Saturday was a day like any other. I woke up in my Chinese apartment and got dressed in my clothes which were made in Sri Lanka. I decided to wear a necklace from Cyprus that was given to me by a friend who is currently in South Korea and the matching ring that was given to me by a friend living in Scotland. I read a little bit of Misery and then marked my place with a bookmark from Venice.

I had a late lunch of some food I got at the French supermarket down the street. I packed up my purse that I bought in Beijing. I thought about wearing my Irish cap or my Quechua jacket, but decided I would be warm enough without them. I went to the Shanghai Grand Theater (the same place I went last week to see a Japanese composer perform and the same place I am going next week to see an American orchestra play) with some co-workers. We watched Swan Lake performed by a Russian Ballet troupe. During intermission, one co-worker called her fiancee living in the UK and the other told me another story about when he used to live in Ghana.

Afterward I had a quick American cheeseburger and walked to a bar that my German friend was bartending at. I ordered a drink made with Puerto Rican Rum. I met and chatted with two girls from Switzerland, a half Taiwanese girl from Texas, and a man from Australia. I also met a Chinese man whose English name was Shakespeare who was wearing a chipmunk costume. I took a quick picture with my Japanese camera.

Around 3 am I very tiredly headed home in a cab (a VW). I changed into some sweatpants I got at a French sports good store, set the alarm on my Swedish made cell phone and went to sleep.

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Jess said...


I'm not sure if you're friend with Dave or not, so I'm hoping this won't be rude, but I notice you sent over some goodies from China...I run a food blog,, and would gladly pay if you could send some strange snacks and drinks over the pond!