Friday, 17 April 2009


We are doing debates next week for oral midterms and I wanted my students to grade each other. I just printed out and cut up a bunch of rubrics.

And I used the PAPER CUTTER.Maybe it's just me but I get full and righteous sense of satisfaction whenever I use one of these. In grade school the paper cutter was a deadly weapon kept well out of reach of all the students (on top of a cabinet if memory serves). In middle school it was kept on the teacher's desk and was NOT TO BE TOUCHED. Even in high school we were supposed to use it for "safety and legal reasons".

But now? I am the teacher. I get to use it. Hehehe.

I am a weird kind of grown-up.


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Casey said...

ooo! I'm jealous. I have a weird fascination with them, and I want to own one so bad. Everytime I cut paper with scissors and it's inevitably but maddenly just a WEE bit crooked, I dream of having a paper cutter. I was in heaven doing bookbinding in high school arts and crafts.