Thursday, 9 April 2009

River of Hearts Pictures

So this is old news, but since I have spent the last few days holed up in my apartment being sick-face I don't really HAVE new news.

I was trying to find a picture of my students and I accidentally found pictures of ME. Do you remember THIS entry where I talked about helping with the River of Hearts again? Well, I was checking out their flickr account when I found two pictures of me. And both were labeled with "Stephanie making sure your bags do not get shipped to Henan". I thought it was sweet that the guy taking pictures remembered my name!

Here you can see me with some adorable bears that Zeno bought.
And in this picture you can see me in my glorified coat-check glory. You can see the small space I had to work with. I feel I should also mention that this was towards the end of the day when a good portion of the people had already left. You can see how many bags and coats are still behind me. It was crazy-go-nuts.
I looked through the whole photo set and couldn't find one with my students in it...grrr.

Tonight I am celebrating my health by going out to dinner with Charlotte. So far I'm not sure what else to do this weekend. Both Isabelle and Lucy are out of town. I suppose that's one problem from having a few good friends...when they are gone, who do you hang out with? I still plan on going out though. After spending about a full week in my apartment I am getting a bit bored (and I have been watching so much Battlestar Galactica that I actually said "frak" the other day).

Next week is midterms, so it'll be an easy week for me with no lessons plans or real "teaching"...until I have to start grading. Blech. At least some of the topics they have to chose from are interesting. That weekend Heather Greco from TMT is going to be in Shanghai. Yay!

I suppose that's all for now. Except to say that yesterday I had a really happy and peaceful moment. After lunch I sat outside in the warm sunshine and ate a delicious pear. It was really nice.


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