Thursday, 23 April 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I need to have my final decision about whether I am going to sign on for another year or not by May 3rd. This is driving me crazy. I don't know what to do.

I am making a list of reasons to stay and reasons to go. Feel free to add your own or to give me advice because I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Reasons to Stay
-I'll be getting a raise (nothing special, but a raise)
-My Chinese hasn't improved and I won't feel good coming home until it has
-I'd rather stay too long than feel I ran away for a challenge or had unfinished business
-It's a horrible time to be looking for a job in the US right now
-I still don't know what kind of career I want to pursue to staying would give me time to think and also time to see if I could really do teaching in the long haul
-I have a good job with a good boss and great co-workers
-I still really want to travel around Asia more and staying would give me that chance
-When else in my life will I have the chance to leave everything behind and live in a foreign country?
-I like my apartment and the area I live in
-I'll be home this summer so I'll have time to visit people before coming back

Reasons to Go
-This has been a rough year for several reasons and I would like some time home with my family
-I REALLY miss my friends/family/dogs/country
-I have a stupid fear that if I stay here too long it will be hard to rejoin my groups of friends when I get back
-I know it's a silly reason, but I would be really sad missing Revels and Medfest again
-Most of the people I know here (other than co-workers and Lucy) are leaving in June, so I would be back to nearly no friends here in September
-I miss swordfighting and all other things Medieval/Rennisance, and I just can't do that stuff here
-My parents found a masters teaching program in CT and I also got an e-mail today that Drew has a one year masters teaching program too...
-The good days of teaching are AWESOME, but the bad days SUCK
-Did I mention how much I miss everyone from home?

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Cori said...

WE MISS YOU TOO!!! But ultimately it is your choice to make. When and how long are you coming home over the summer? Cause you should TOTALLY COME TO MAINE IN AUGUST! And we will not abandon you, but I understand your fear. I'm afraid once I'm in Vermont it will be harder and that is somewhat less far than um China. What I tend to do when I can't decide something is imagine myself in the aftermath setting of either choice and usually I get a gut feeling about it (that's why I went to Drew!). Follow your heart! :)