Thursday, 4 June 2009


I'm alive. I've just been kinda ill the past few days so nothing new to report and also the internet in my apartment has been wonky so posting wasn't really an option. I have been filling my time with crafting and watching "Dexter".

I've found some interesting school news. I am now an Extended Essay adviser and will be teaching a few Theory of Knowledge lectures next semester. I am very excited about both. It makes me feel like a real IB teacher.

Because of the anniversary of today's date even more websites have been blocked here which makes surfing the net a little frustrating. I am hoping in a few days time a few things will loosen up.

Lucy's birthday is tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. Also looking forward to giving her the necklace and bracelet set I made for her. Pictures soon!

Much love,

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Allison said...

Watching Dexter and crafting is a proven cure-all :D

Yay you for climbing the academic ladder!