Thursday, 25 June 2009

Back in the USA...for the summer.

I would have posted sooner, but my computer seems to still think I am in China and is blocking blogspot. I am currently using my mom's laptop.

Anyway...I probably won't be posting much for the next two months since I'll be pretty boring. I play Suzie Homemaker when I'm home. I like to do what I can to help out around the house with cooking and cleaning. Tonight I made tandoori chicken with couscous. Yum!

I do plan to post with blanket updates at least, though. I did a first layout of the blanket and it looks a little bit smaller than I guessed it would be. I may end up knitting a few more squares or just putting it together as is. We'll see.

I suppose that's all for now. Hopefully once my computer is totally wiped I will be able to get on blogspot and such again.

Much love!

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