Wednesday, 10 September 2008

"Teacher, what's a kink?"

Oh dear. Twice in the last two days has something happened that I had to kind of side step.

Yesterday during the "How To" presentations, a girl started up her power point presentation on how to make sushi. The first picture was an arrangement of sushi that was none too subtly arranged to look like....erm....male genitalia. She didn't say anything about it and no one in the class even cracked a smile when it came up on the screen. I have a hard time believing that not a one of them noticed, but a harder time believing that if they did notice that they wouldn't react. Afterwards I asked her if she had picked that picture on purpose. She just looked at me confused and said, "Yes, I picked out all the pictures in the presentation." I dropped the issue. Maybe Chinese students are just wired differently...

Today in class, a girl meant to write "kind" on the bored, but she wrote "kink". She was in the middle of her presentation, so I waited until she was done before I corrected her. One of the students in the class who is nearly fluent (and sometimes acts like he is my teaching assistant without me asking him to) raised his hand and asked what a kink was. I briefly thought about giving him the complete answer before deciding I didn't want to be known as the teacher that discusses fetishes in class. I told him it could be used for kink in your hair or kink in your neck then we moved on to the next subject.

Ahh...the weird humor of being a teacher.

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Allison said...

nice save(s)!
heh-heh: "drew graduate goes to china to become 'Fetish Teacher'"