Friday, 26 September 2008

Another Food Post

Just a couple food related things that have been happening...

On Friday of last week they served crabs in the school cafeteria. Yum! I happened to be sitting with Jane at lunch and we were both sitting and talking and eating and I started eating my crab (which was DELICIOUS, by the way) and I noticed she kept looking at me rather strangely. I thought maybe I was making a mess of myself. Turns out she had never seen a foreigner eat crab before. Apparently she would very rarely even see a foreigner "brave enough" (as she put it) to put crab on their tray, but then they would chicken out and not eat it. I think it's just cuz foreigners aren't used to eating it Chinese style. You kind of have to munch and crunch and separate shell from meat with your tongue and teeth. And they eat the meat in the body, not just the legs. And that was what I was doing. I think doing so gained me some bonus points. She told a bunch of other Chinese teachers about it and I think I somehow became cooler because of it. And here I was thinking I was just eating lunch. There is some party for the school happening on Saturday and usually they give the Chinese teachers crabs as a gift and the foreign teachers fruit. June said she's going to ask if I can get crabs instead. :-)

You will never guess what I found in the imported section of Carrefour....CHEEZ-ITS! I swear they were not there before. I looked! Maybe it's something they only have once in a while or something. Anyway, I suppose I should take Cheez-its off my wish list. Even if Carrefour only has them once in a while. it will satisfy my cravings. Still can't find Smartfood anywhere, though I will keep my eyes open.

I just want to note that I know I've been talking about Western food like egg salad and cheez-its and the like. For those thinking I'm not getting enough Chinese food, keep in mind that lunch every week day is at the school cafeteria and more than half of the time if I make dinner I make Chinese food (usually dumplings).

The other day at the school cafe, the fruit for the day was a lime. Or at least I thought it was a lime. It looked like a lime. It was green like a lime. Then I noticed another teacher open their's up and inside orange! I have never seen an orange with a solid green skin. It was rather yummy. I bought some the other night at the Carrefour and had one for breakfast yesterday. It tasted really sour though, when the one I had from the cafeteria was very sweet. Hopefully the rest I bought are ok.
What is that? A lime!?
Nope! A yummy orange. :-)


kj said...


this really awesome japanese teacher guy brought me an apple and two of those, and i wasnt sure what they were but i figured they werent ripe whatever they were, so i left them on my desk a couple days and they just got squishy and then i left so i never found out what they were. wow.

Stephanie in Shanghai said...


Yeah, I could have sworn they were limes at first glance. I waited for someone else to open one before I even dared try myself.

When I realized what they were, though, I was quite happy.