Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Some Interesting News

Nothing big interesting has happened in the last two days, but some small things did I thought I would mention in bullet/list form.

-In one class yesterday, my students were freaking out about a moth being in the class room. After repeatedly missing it, I finally gave it one good whack out of the air with my attendance sheet and it landed directly into the trashcan halfway across the room. The students clapped.

-I was pissed yesterday because I thought my headphones were broken (music only came out of one side). Turns out there is a problem with my computer. Music only comes out of one speaker. Crap. That is harder to fix. I am going to try to talk to the computer teacher in the high school and see if he can help me.

-Today at lunch I found a ring of metal a little larger than a quarter in my cauliflower. Gross. If I die of some mysterious disease in the next day or so, you know why.

-After school today, I am going with June and a bunch of the older students to a college fair. We are leaving around 430 and not getting back until 9. I hope it's not boring, but to be honest I would probably just be watching Star Trek if I stayed at my apartment.

-The Connecticut person I met on Shanghai Expat asked me to go to coffee on Saturday morning. This person lives close by, so I hope we hit it off.

That's all for now I suppose.

Love and dumplings,


Pete said...

Fixing a computer in China is so easy and cheap, I love it! At Babaiban near Dongchang Rd. in Pudong, they have computer markets where they can fix whatever problem you have if needed.

The last Thursday of every month is LGBT night at Frangipani. You should definitely go to meet fun peeps!

KuYu said...

Maybe I can help you to fix your computer.

You can set the Wave of Volume Control,the Volume Control is in Control panel.

First, hit the start button on task menu, then opt the Control Panel.

The Sound and audio Devices is in this new window, double hit it,the Volume Control will popup.

You should set the Balance of Wave in mid.

If this can`t solve the problem, this feel free to contact to by mail.

Stephanie in Shanghai said...


I tried that as soon as I noticed the issue. Unfortunately, the problem is not that simple.

KuYu said...

Stephanie in Shanghai

It`s a pity.

As I can not see the problem, can not detect the problem accurately.

If you like, I can go to you apartment to solve the problem.

Also,you can search the problem in google or yahoo. I usd to do this.