Wednesday, 24 September 2008

All Things Work Related

So yesterday I had a teacher sitting in on my full class. She left a little early but was there for the almost the whole period. I just got my feedback now. She said I seemed very natural in front of the students, smiling, and encouraging. She also thought it was good that I was explaining the different styles of music and talking about slang. Her advice was to have more student interaction and to tell more about the bands to get the students interested. When it comes to student-student interaction, I try to do it more in the half classes. It's nearly impossible in the full class in my opinion. I feel a little better and little less nervous about having multiple teachers sitting in on my afternoon class now.

Next week we get a full week off for the national holiday. I have no plans as of yet. I need to get out of the apartment and do SOMETHING or I might go stir crazy. When we come back, I agreed to cover some classes for another teacher on Monday and Tuesday. It works out that I would have each half of the 10th grade for two class periods, and then class B and D once each. I'll probably pick a 2 hour or so video and show half in each big class, but that still leaves me with something fun to do with class B and D. The reason I would be showing a video and doing something fun is A) I'm further ahead in the lesson plan than the other teachers and B) the students are going on a vacation (I think to Xi'an) for the rest of the week after Tuesday, so it makes no sense to start something new. Now I just need to pick a video. After Tuesday I have no class for the rest of that week, but I'm still required to come to work. Who knows what I'll do to fill my time.

I think I got a part time job as a proof-reader. Pete (my friend that lived here and left shortly after I arrived) alerted me of the position and I e-mailed the woman. I'll be going in this Saturday to check things out. It would be a three hour session every other week. It's not for the money so much as to have something to do and to meet some new people.

Yesterday at the end of work there was a spontaneous trip to a sushi restaurant with me, Zeno, June, Mrs. Luo (the head of IB), and a woman that people call Shopping (because her Chinese name sounds like shopping and she likes to shop!). It was fun to hang out with some work people outside of school. The sushi was delicious too. I had some trout that was especially yummy. The restaurant was one of those ones with the sushi train on a conveyor belt that twists and turns around the restaurant and you grab whatever you want and pay based on how many plates you have leftover. Someone treated us all to dinner, but I'm not sure if it was Mrs. Luo and Shopping...

I'm killing time now until my afternoon class. The music I am going to play in that class is taking forever to load.

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Pete said...

Congrats on the job! I love part-time work because, just like you said, it gives you something to do and you can meet other people.

Also, around Halloween, Shanghai LGBT will have a pub crawl. I highly recommend going because they rent a limo bus and visit 8 or so gay bars in one night. It's a ton of fun and a great way to meet some fabulous people.