Friday, 19 September 2008

Stuffed With Mooncakes!

I am positively stuffed with mooncakes. Yesterday June gave me one that had a conconuty kind of filling and an egg yokish center. Today one of my students (Linda) gave me one that apparently has red wine in it. It's rather delicious. *nom nom* I'll have to find her in the hallway and thank her.

I wanted to post because I am in a good mood. Last night was actually terribly boring. Dad jokingly mentioned egg salad when I talked to him this weekend, but since then I had a hankering for it. I figured I would hard boil my last two eggs and make some egg salad for dinner. I figured "I know how long you need to boil an egg....3 minutes, right? That's how long an egg timer is for..." Oh dear. After boiling and cooling I gave my eggs a whack on the counter only to get half cooked eggness everywhere. Very sad. Dinner ended up being a plain cheese sandwich.

But today is going well. I finished my lesson plan for next week and I am excited for it. Here is a quick overview.

Day One: Discussion about happiness: short term and long term. Homework: Do something that makes you happy, to report about in next class.

Day Two: Book exercises. Music and emotions. What music gives you what emotions? Start of music review.

Day Three: Overused words. Give students new words that are are synonyms for boring overused words. Have them guess the meaning in groups. Play game to test new vocab.

Day Four: Use the poem Jabberwocky to practice guessing the meaning of new words. Also, tongue twisters!

Full Class: Listen to 5 different songs:

Burn, by Usher
Innocence, by Avril Lavigne
Good Riddance, by Green Day
Leave Out All the Rest, by Linkin Park
Hotel California, by The Eagles

Discuss differences between types of music and songs. Brainstorm terms to use to describe each song. Homework, write a music review for some or all of the songs.

Also, one of my students asked me today if I would be her guest on a pretend talk show that will be part of the opening flag ceremony on Monday. She is going to talk to me after my next class. Just the idea that she thought of me made me happy.

This afternoon I am getting my foreign experts card and applying for my residency card. I hadn't thought much about it since I got here, but it's good to know that the school is on top of things.

I am also happy because this weekend has lots of socialness. Saturday morning is my meeting with the person from CT who I met on Shanghai Expat, Saturday afternoon is the jazz concert in Jing'An temple with Lucy and friends, and this Sunday I am going out with Zeno and June for lunch and possibly shopping.

The only thing I am a little nervous about is that next week about three teachers are going to be sitting in on one of my classes. It's when I have the whole half class, so the students are a little harder to control, but since I am doing music they will hopefully all be paying attention and be talkative and have fun.

Well, don't want to go on and on.

Love and mooncakes!

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