Friday, 26 September 2008


So yesterday after work I went to a restaurant called "Element Fresh" (which was delicious, by the way) with Charlotte. We were planning to meet at the front gate. When I got there, there was a bit of a hub-bub and one of the guards pointed at me excitedly and then ducked into the guard hut. Charlotte looked at me and said "I think they have something for you."

Out he came with a box in his arms. It was indeed a package! From my fabulous friend Cori! Charlotte and I only had a limited time for dinner, so I left the package at the guard hut while we had dinner, but came back later to excitedly rip it open.
What a lovely package! I think I shall destroy it with love. As Cori said she had to do, there was a ton of paper work on it saying what was in the package and so on.
Here are the contents of my first package received in China. Two boxes of cheez-its, a ginormous bag of smartfood popcorn and a book called "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". Cori is right, it is a good book. I am already on chapter four. I feel bad that Cori went through all the trouble to send me Cheez-its when I have now discovered that I can buy them here, but I am sure they will taste better because they are from a friend and they came in a package and they are from the good ole' USA. Obviously, I am quite happy to have so many Cheez-its.

I have already collected some items for Cori's return package. Now I just need to find a post office! Ned told me there is one near the Carrefour, so I should do some exploring since I have next week off.

Thank you so much for the package Cori! It means a lot to me and I will send you yours as soon as I have everything together! :-)


alastchancetosee said...

:) I'm glad you enjoyed it!! It was funny, at the grocery store I was like ooo they have some interesting asian food I could send h....oh wait...thats right...she is IN asia...

Mom said...

Did you get any White Cheddar Cheezits?