Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pictures of the School

First, here is my oh-so-professional name tag (including my Chinese name) over the edge of my cubicle.Here is a picture of my cubicle as viewed from walking in the door to the office. As I said, it's rather sad and empty right now. It looks worse than it is since all the books I have are in the corner and you can't see them from this angle. The only real personal thing I have hanging up right now is a picture of Emily that she sent to me (in my first and only piece of mail so far. Thanks EM!!!). The guy standing up in the back in the light blue shirt is actually one of my students.
This is something really cool about the High School I forgot to mention in an earlier post. It's open in the middle. Right in the middle of the school the ceiling just opens up and there is a mini forest. I've heard bugs chirping in it and everything. And it's awesome when it rains. It feels like I'm going for a walk outside whenever I go to class.
Here is a view of the high school from the front. There is only around 200 (I think?) students in the high school, so it's small compared to the rest of the school.
Last, but not least, here are the signs on the front of the school, declaring it an IB school.

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