Monday, 15 September 2008

Friday-Saturday Recap

Friday night karaoke was fun. I sang "Chasing Cars", "Bitch", and "Yesterday". One guy from the high school department sang (and this is no exaggeration) half of the songs that played in the room I was in. He wasn't a bad singer, but he didn't seem to remember the tempo to most of the songs he picked.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning. I had found a recipe for these (note, this is the picture from the recipe, not of the ones I made):

They are a super easy recipe to make. It's just softened cream cheese with garlic power, refried beans and cilantro rolled up in a tortilla. Then you cut it into slices and dip 'em in salsa. I was able to find everything I needed from the Pines store and the imported section of Carrefour. I brought them to the party at the foreign teacher's apartment in Puxi and they were a hit. I can't wait for another excuse to cook.

The party was fun. I met Charlotte's boyfriend Andrew, Joshua (who I think was a friend of Lisa's) and Karen (who was a contact of Mimi's but who was meeting her for the first time). Other people took pictures at the party, and once they post them somewhere I'll steal one to show you all. This party also affirmed my earlier belief that Becky and Chris (the Canada couple who are actually qualified teachers) are very very cool people. They have been to over 50 countries and have seen and done some pretty crazy stuff. I could listen to them forever.

At around 12:30 AM, everyone was like 'We should go to a club!' I was tired and no mood to go to a club but since everyone was going (including the people I was going to travel to half hour back to campus with), I went along. We got to the club, SQUEEZED through a billion people to the back of the club. I hung outside talking to Andrew for a bit. Around 15 minutes later Chris, Becky and Stephanie were like, 'Umm...this sucks. We're leaving.' So we caught a cab back to campus.

The cab ride back was amusing. We talked to the cab driver in Chinese about where he was from and where we were from and all that jazz. I was glad to find a nice cab driver. Most of the cab drivers in Harbin were always ready for a quick conversation in Chinese and that's where I honestly got a lot of my practice. Here, when I try to talk to the cab drivers they just ignore me most of the time. This guy was fun though.

We got back around a bit after 2. I puttered around my apartment before going to bed around 3am.

Sunday was an adventure in and of itself so I think I am going to post it as a separate entry.


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