Monday, 15 September 2008

My First Wish List

So, people have already been asking me what I would like from home, and though I haven't thought about it too much, there are a few things that come to mind.

-Swiffer cloths
I'm serious. Mom says I'm weird because I want cleaning supplies, but my apartment gets so dusty and my broom seems to just push it around. I haven't found swiffers yet, so I'm beginning to doubt they have them here.

-Reese's peanut butter cups
Mmmm....peanut butter and chocolate. Nuf said.

-Uni-ball Vision Elite Bold Pens
Again, I know I'm a dork because I'm asking for pens, but I can't find them here. I know Emily at least will understand. It's my favorite brand of pen not only because it writes very well but it has sentimental value. Preferably black and/or red ink, though other colors are good too.

-Smartfood popcorn and/or Cheez-its
Two of my favorite cheesy snacks and I can't find them even in the imported section or gourmet stores.

EDIT: I have now found Cheez-its in Carrefour...still no update on Smartfood.

-Pictures of friends and family
I didn't pack nearly enough pictures. If you send me a package or even just a letter, I would love to have more pictures or decorations to make this place feel like home.

Becky says the deodorant here is crap, though I haven't tried it for myself. She's been here for three years, so I'm inclined to trust her. At home I usually used Secret, though I'm not picky.

That's all I can really think of right now. Of course anything else you think of or think I would like would be very much appreciated. Mail is just fun to get, especially when it comes from across an ocean.

Of course to anyone that sends me a package, I want to send one in return, so please let me know anything you would like from China. There are tons of funky snacks and candies, amazing teas, fun clothes and accessories, touristy souvenirs of all kinds, and of course tons of cheap DVDs for movies and tv shows. Let me know what kind of stuff you would be interested and be sure to give me your address if you think I don't have it.

Here is the post with all my contact info including address.

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