Saturday, 15 November 2008

Video Blog

So umm...I made a video blog. It's weird and it's long and it's probably boring.

But now I know how to do it so it'll probably be easier in the future. Now I just need to find interesting things to record.

Let me know what you think.


Bonnie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The end was THE BEST. "Here we are, in the great barrier reef..." (You and I were actually laughing together)

hehehe. great to see your face and hear your voice.

Stacy said...

More vlogs please!!! Stephie + webcam effects = HILARITY!!!

emily said...

You amused me and not just because I watched this at 2 in the morning. Congratulations! Loss of vocabulary is the first stage of first langauge attrition! Soon you will begin to... Oh, well why ruin the fun for you? Haha. Bye the way, I never noticed how expressive your eyebrows are when you talk.

kimmieb said...

can i just tell you that i love you enormously? :P
my favorite part was you with the goggles at the end!
my webcam is super-awesome because it can put me in the ocean and real fishies swim around me! maybe one of these days i'll get the guts to use it, haha
loooove <3

Emily said...

hahahaha! I think you should just continually post videos of yourself playing with effects. You should make a movie out of it. The snorkel mask segment was a good start, I think it has great potential...:)

Stephanie in Shanghai said...

I am amused that everyone like the last 15 seconds of the blog better than the rest. Ha!

At least that shows that you all weren't too bored to watch all the way to the end. :-)