Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bunch o' Pictures

To make up for my last post of lots of words, here are some pictures.

First up, here is how my desk looks now. Much better than my early pictures. You can see the pictures that Emily and Emily and Stacy sent me.
This is a picture of the castle that the students in class D are working on. They only just started painting it. Doesn't it look cool?
When I left my students alone to work on their medieval clothes, most of the girls just made whatever clothes they felt like making. I would come back to a doll dressed like a pop star or a super model. I kept repeating: Long sleeves! Long skirts! A few students actually listened to me. I was really impressed with two girls in Class A who worked to make this outfit:
I normally do dishes in my kitchen sink, but today since I had hardboiled eggs sitting in cold water in my sink, I had to do the dishes in my bathroom. When I was done, I noticed that my bathroom was being taken over by bubbles! They were coming up from the drains in the floor. Weird.

There are lots of prepackaged foods in the 24 hour Family Mart near my school, so I've been trying them. I bought this snack for the first time a week or two ago just cuz I thought it was funny, but now I buy it cuz it's tasty. Pocket bread! It's got like...shrimp salad for a filling.
Lastly, here is a picture of Lucy at Karaoke yesterday. Check out that skirt she is wearing. I like it a bunch.
K! That's all for now. Much love to everyone.


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