Thursday, 6 November 2008

Frogs and Swords

When I came in this morning, the school secretary greeted me with a bag of eggs. Ha. She has been bringing in stuff I need for cooking bit by bit. I need to hardboil most of the eggs before Sunday so I asked if I could start getting the food early. It sucks that Sunday is the only time I could hold the cooking meeting since some students can't come in at that time, but I have to work with what I have.

Today I ate frog for lunch. And as I put it to Alicia, it tasted as though a fish and chicken mated and had a tasty baby. I also had chicken in a sauce that I'm guessing was supposed to taste like BBQ, but tasted mostly like ketchup.

After lunch I taught a little sword fighting. I started with one three students but when others saw us through the windows and came out to join, I had a big group. Some took it seriously and others just started whacking at each other with the PVC pipe I gave them to use. I showed them the scar on my nose and the one on my hand as encouragement to not kill each other. I couldn't help but laugh a little whenever one of them got whacked on the knuckles when they were being foolish. I choreographed a short 9 move fight with one of my students (Jackey) which he enjoyed immensely and wanted to do over and over.

Now it's pouring rain outside. I'm glad it didn't start until now.

I am amused because I used to have problems with my students coming in late sometimes. I never said anything to them, just marked them late on my attendance sheet. My first clue that the students actually were being contacted about their lateness was when a student came to me in my office and complained about being marked late so often. My response was simple. Don't be late. I've noticed now that sometimes students will run into my room to avoid being late.

My brain still feels like it's not turned on.

Imma go for now. Maybe soon I will have a post that makes sense and has some pictures.



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Cori said...

mmmm tasty chicken fish baby.....