Friday, 14 November 2008

Random Pictures of Me

I recently got some pictures from other people and thought I would put them up.

June took this picture when we were playing around with the castle and the doll. Hey mom! I'm wearing the bracelet you gave me. :-)
This is an old picture, actually. June took this picture like...two months ago. I'm wearing a necklace I made after she and I went to the craft market. I never took a picture of it myself, so there it is. You can compare how boring my desk looks to the post I put up a few days ago.
This is from karaoke this weekend. I wish I could remember what the heck Evan is singing cuz he sure looks soulful.
And me singing. I think I'm singing "Love Song" here, but I don't remember.
Anyway, that's all for some pictures.

I am trying to figure out how to get my webcam to record video and I might might might do a video blog entry. I think I need to download something first though...hmmm.

Anyway, love!


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