Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas Wish List

People have been asking what I would like for Christmas so here are some ideas.

Christmas Wish List

Smartfood! I know I already asked for it, but it’s still my favorite snack and I can’t find it here.

Pictures from home/stuff from home/stuff to hang on my walls or cubicle

Bedsheets: The school only gave me a sheet and a comforter. No fitted sheet. No extra blankets even though it’s getting cold. Plus I’ll need more sheets anyway when I have a guest stay over. I would love a fleece blanket and/or a set of jersey knit sheets.

Advil/Excedrin: I haven’t seen American medicine since I’ve been here.

Money is always useful, especially because I want to try and travel around while I am here. I just have no idea what the best way would be to send it.

Clothes: I didn’t bring much with me so I’m getting tired with what I have and there are limited places to go here where I can buy clothes that fit. Anything from PJs or socks to a new sweater would be welcome.

Anything you think would be useful for a teacher. Especially an ESL teacher. Books, videos, games, or resources with class ideas.

Anything that’s a specialty item. Like…only in America. Like maple sugar candy from Vermont or Tasty Kakes!

Funny/weird stuff. Like the toast bandages my mom sent me. Weird stuff makes me happy.

Anything Christmasy!

Honestly, anything I get from anyone would be amazing. Just the idea that people want to send me stuff puts a smile on my face.

Christmas Non-Wish List

This is just a list of things that I like and I know that people might want to send to me, but I can get it here or already have a lot of.

Yarn: I already have too much yarn. I have all the yarn for my blanket plus more than I bought here.

Cheez-its: I know I asked for them in my first wish list, but I have now found them here. I feel bad when people spend the money to send me something I can get down the street.

DVDs or Books: Unless it’s pretty rare or something very special to you (or a teaching book, as I mentioned above), I can probably get it here. Plus, remember, anything you send me I’ll want to take home so a bag full of books will be a little cumbersome.

Also, just FYI, I can get most super popular candies here. Like kitkats and snickers and such.

Fantasy Christmas Wish List

Just some stuff I really want but I know I can't get.

My dogs

My parents

My friends from home/college

A free ticket to visit D’Arcy in Japan

More confidence in the classroom

Being able to attend Revels/Medfest

An oven

And again, if you send me a package, please let me know what you would like me to send to YOU. :-)

Once again, for easy access, CLICK HERE to get all the information on how to contact me.

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Dave said...

No sheets for you unless you divulge the size of your bed!