Monday, 10 November 2008

Uhoh...a Package from Rose

So after my first class this morning I came back to my desk and was in disbelief to see ANOTHER package on my desk. I was beside myself! A package when I only just got one on Thursday? When I saw the purple and pink duct tape on the edges and 'With Love XOXO" on the side, I knew it had to be from Rose. My second thought was "oh dear, this box sure seems squished". When I saw FRAGILE stamped all over the box and what looked like wet spots on the side and bottom, I got really nervous.
I opened it up to see this:
UGHUGHUGH. What a mess. The culprit was a bottle of caramel Bailey's that Rose had put into a plastic bag and surrounded with packing peanuts. Apparently the post office decided to play football with the box. The bottle was broken, then broke through the bag and leaked all over everything. The entire package smelled DELICIOUS but that only made it more heartbreaking to discover that there wasn't a drop of Bailey's left in the bottle.
A hand drawn card. The front was ruined and it was very sticky, but the note inside was intact.
A very sticky magazine.
She sent some chocolate and salt water taffy. Unfortunately, the bailey's seems to have been eating it's way through the wrappers so everything feels a little dissolved. The only real survivor of the massacre was this bottle of raspberry vodka, seen here with it's not so lucky brother of vanilla vodka. Rose doesn't even like vodka and she still went out and bought me my two favorite flavors.
The raspberry vodka and I decided to mourn our fallen friends together. It was delicious and sad.

I am really upset about this. First of all because this lovingly made package for me got destroyed. I can't enjoy what Rose sent to me. Also, Rose spent her time not to mention money to buy everything in this package and send it to me. And it got destroyed before I could enjoy it.

Rose thank you so much for this package and the thought and time that went into it. I'm sorry I don't get to enjoy it the way you intended.



vickierice said...

What a horrible waste of alcohol!~!

Cori said...

woah that is an intense amount of package getting-ness! I redid the videos of henry, maybe they work now?