Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Package From My Parents

So I had just left work when I got a call on my cell from June saying the front gate was asking for me, I had received another package. YAY! ANOTHER PACKAGE! SO MUCH LOVE!

This time it was from my dear ma and pa. Boy oh boy was I surprised when I lifted this thing up. Dang it was heavy. I found out that the reason why was because my mom had packed my yearbook! I think that's honestly what I was most excited to receive. As soon as I saw that in the package, everything else was forgotten until I went through the book page by page. At the very end, my mom had made up a nice personal page and had glued it onto the back cover. I thought it was sweet.
This is the majority of the package. Popcorn, reeses, candy corn/pumpkins, some halloween themed paper plates and napkins (my mom wants me to have a cocktail party!), some deodorant, pens, swiffers...basically my wish list and then some. :-)
For some reason I forgot to put these in the first picture. The latest issue of Drew Magazine! She also sent me a loaf of DELICIOUS pepperidge farm cinnamon swirl bread. I wish I had a toaster but I will make due.
After looking at everything in the package (and eating a peanut butter cup), I hung up my new decorations on the balcony window. Spooky, no?

This package arrived at the perfect time. I have been feeling crappy lately being all bored at work, bored in my apartment, sick, and feeling frustrated with my students. Talking with Mel (the CT person I met up with Tuesday) she said that someone told her that the second month usually marks the second stage of homesickness/culture shock. It usually involves boredom, frustration, and sometimes even psychosomatic responses like making yourself sick. Bah. I hate being a textbook case, but maybe it's true.

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM AND DAD. Getting mail is one of the best feelings in the world. And this package was equal parts fun and useful.

Tonight I have plans with Laibond (hopefully!).

I want to run to Carrefour before he gets here and get that gel seat for my bike.

Much love,


kimmieb said...

do they have halloween in china? i would guess no, but who knows with all the western influence... i was just thinking if they didn't have halloween and people saw your ghost and bats on the window, they'd get weirded out :P

Stephanie in Shanghai said...

I don't know about the rest of China because this is the first time I have been in China during the Halloween season. In Shanghai, however, since there is so much foreign influence there are some Halloween celebrations (mostly in bars. Ha!).