Saturday, 4 October 2008

A Milestone

This week is a milestone. I have now been in China longer than I ever have before. Before, the longest I had been in China was 5 weeks. This is my 6th week here.

Last night Paul/Benno and Kyle came over to hang out. I made a fine dinner of dumplings, steamed rice, and sauteed shrimp with garlic. We did much chatting, laughing, drinking of rum, and watching of "Kung Fu Panda" (a rather enjoyable movie). We also sat out on my balcony for a long time having a good talk.

I took them to my DVD lady, then they went back to the hostel. We didn't end up getting together again today and they are already on their way back to Nanjing. I can't wait for the chance to go visit Nanjing and see them again. It really made me feel more like myself to see people from home, and it was nice to have people I could relax around.

Today I had tons of dishes to do (just finished). I'm going to try and finish correcting the last of my reports and do grading and a lesson plan today so I can relax tomorrow before work again on Monday. Tomorrow I am supposed to get paid (automated deposit). If I do, I have grand plans to buy fancy frivolous things. Like a dish drying rack and a new set of sheets. Craziness! Next...a bike!

It took a while, but I now have a picture of me in front of a Shanghai landmark. Charlotte took this picture of me in front of the Jinmao tower and the World Financial Building on Tuesday.

And for bonus points, here is a picture of Iris, Andrew and myself at the Windows bar on Thursday night.
Well, that's all for now. On to grading!


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Mom said...

YAY! I think I believe you are really in China now!

Happy milestone to you! Hope it stays good for your next 6 weeks!

Love, Mom