Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bored + Sick = Not Fun

So my students left for Xi'an on Tuesday afternoon. Work has been quite boring. The most interesting thing that happened at work yesterday was being the invigilator at the mock IB math exam. I had received an e-mail earlier from my group leader saying that a student cheated in one of the earlier exams and that the students were angry that s/he didn't get caught. So I turned on my paranoia and for the entire two hours of the exam I just scanned the students. If one of them cheated, they deserve a medal. Giving that test gave me horrible flashbacks of taking the IB exams myself.

Something non-worky that happened at work yesterday was the older woman in my office (whose name I don't know and who can't speak much English beyond 'hello' and 'thank you') came over and asked me to fix her necklace. Apparently it has become known now that I can make and fix jewelry. Since I don't have much to do at my desk and June had the jewelry thread we got at the handicraft market, I restrung the necklace first thing that morning. In the afternoon the woman came back to my desk and asked me if I could redo it. There are very slight differences in sizes of the beads that I hadn't noticed. She wanted the big ones in the middle. I cut the thread, she organized the beads the way they wanted them, and I strung it again. She stood over my shoulder and watched intently. We had a limited conversation, including her saying that I worked very quickly and that this was very troublesome. I told her I didn't think it was troublesome and I liked doing it. She and another teacher (a young Buddhist woman who sits by the window) said I should go into business making and fixing jewelry. :-)

June also bought me a teacup in old city. It is mostly plain with a lovely red flower on it. I left it on my desk since it was a present and my desk is still achingly empty and boring. I should bring some tea in to leave in my desk when the desire strikes.

I am still feeling like crap. Last night I think I slept better than I have the past few nights. I'm taking that as a good sign. June is sick too. Talking to people from home makes it sounds like everyone I know is sick! Oh cold season. How you can cross borders like no one else.

The most exciting thing that happened last night was I almost had dinner plans. Yep. You read that right. Turns out a guy I went to college with (Laibond, for those that know him) is randomly in Shanghai for an expo. I found that out through Facebook (Stalkerbook!) and IMed him. We made plans to get together, but his work went late so we rescheduled for tonight. Hopefully he can make it tonight cuz I think he is booked for the rest of his stay.

Well, as boring as things have been lately, I sure have been writing a lot. I am going to stop now until something interesting happens.



Liz said...

Awww Stephernie =D

Allison said...

sprof and bond man? whoa!

feel better!