Thursday, 30 October 2008

Medieval Plays and Slapping Games

So I am apparently making up for not posting since Sunday by posting three times today. Whoo!

This morning we started with the medieval plays. Some good things, some bad. I was a little disappointed that they hadn't put more effort into the plays since it was their only work this whole week. I told them as such. I was also sure to point out the things that I liked too. I know people have a tendency to remember the bad comments and forget the good, so I'm trying to be careful with what I say.

I recorded all the plays on my camera but they haven't all been copying off onto my computer. I don't know which end the problem is on.

I handed out the sign up sheets for what activities the students want to do for next week. So far I have a TON of people for clothing and food and NO ONE for building a trebuchet. Yeesh! I thought teenage boys would be more excited about the idea of destroying things. If I don't get any students signing up for that, I will have to scrap the whole idea and focus on the other stuff. Oh well. I would be a little disappointed about not helping build a trebuchet, but it would certainly make things a little easier for next week.

After we finished with the plays and me explaining what they need to do this weekend to prepare for next week, I told the students they could go back to the high school building (we were in the theater) if they wanted, class was over a few minutes early. Most opted to stay and hang out and asked me to play a game! :-)

It was a strange version of rock, paper scissors. If you lost you had to put your hand down on the table. As more and more people lost, you stacked your hands up. The last person with one free hand got to slap the pile of hands. Everyone tries to pull their hands away to not get slapped. We played a few rounds. I got one good slap directly on the back of my left hand from one of my students (who was very apologetic) but otherwise escaped the game unscathed. I'm taking it as a good sign that they wanted me to join their game, instead of a covert attempt to beat me up. :-D

Tonight their is a halloween party at the main school building. I think I will go to check it out. I brought my halloween costume to work just in case.

Friday night I am going out with Lucy and her friends and Charlotte to a club for Halloween. Charlotte said I could spend the night in her apartment so I don't have to go all the way back to Pudong late at night after drinking. I also got the e-mail today and the Shanghai Halloween pub crawl is getting a third bus so I am off the waiting list and can go! I asked Iris (the girl I met like....4 weeks ago?) if she wanted to go with me. Hopefully she's still free. There will also be people there that I met at the wine tasting. I hope I have fun!

It's still raining. Bah.

Much love,


Cori said...

lol, your slapping game story reminded me of the time we played kings and someone made it a rule that you couldn't say anyone's name and if you did by accident they got to slap you :) I got to slap Jacob quite hard, it was quite enjoyable. Also, sorry I haven't been having fun late night/ early morning chats with you :( My bedtime is currently 9:30pm until I get weekends off and then we shall see! Miss you!

Stephanie in Shanghai said...

I wasn't there that time. I don't know if I should be happy or sad I missed the combination of B1S2 folks with booze and violence.

I miss our random conversations too. Alas. I'll just need to get to work earlier or catch you on the weekends. :-)