Monday, 6 October 2008

The Coolest Pen!

So today this woman from the school comes by to drop a small box off at my desk. Hmm...intrigued I opened it to find this sincerely cool pen.
To start off with, it has the school name on it. Very nice!
Flip it over and guess what?! A laser pointer! So cool. But that's not all!!!
Screw it open and it has a USB! Maybe I am just easily amused but I really like this pen.

So I know the old saying goes that one should never shop when hungry, but I would like to add an addendum that when in China, one should never shop while hungry AND homesick. Or else this happens:
I am sufficiently ashamed of myself. I mean, yes, I did also buy some fresh fruit, chicken, rice, and more traditional Chinese foods, but for some reason as soon as I hit the imported goods section I couldn't help myself. *sigh* I gotta wean myself off this kind of stuff.

I commented on a classified ad on an expat site on a guy selling his bike. We should be meeting up tomorrow and if the bike looks ok, I'll probably buy it. Whoo.

I felt fine all day, but I started feeling very sick when I got home. My throat is sore, I have a headache and feel very tired and achy. I'm having some tea now. I hope I feel better by morning.

Lots O' Love,


Cori said...

lol reading your post made me hungry! It sounds like you are getting the same cold everyone over here Hope you feel better and thanks for helping me with the name for my blog!

Mom said...

Shame Shame! but I don't blame you!

Savannah said...

Wow you think my cousin likes cheese!! hehe well I'm right their with you and don't know if I could go without all those goodies! Feel better cuz!