Thursday, 23 October 2008

Murphy's Law is a Bitch

So yesterday Charlotte decided to join me on a trip out to see my taichi teacher. We had dinner at Zentral, since she was craving some western food. I had a yummy tuna melt. Then we walked to the courtyard with the dancers.

On Monday when I saw him, he kept saying something about 6:30, so I assumed he meant he wanted me to arrive at that time, so we arrived at 6:30. No one was there... We sat for a bit then walked completely around the block. When we got back it was a little before 7:30, which is the time I had arrived every time before. The dancers were there and setting up. I talked for a bit with the first guy I danced with that first night, and danced one waltz with him. I tried calling the taichi man on the number that he called me on, but after talking to two women who answered the phone, they just hung up on me. Of course the first and only time I try to bring someone with me, he doesn't show up.

I'd go again tonight, but I am going to a wine tasting event I found on an expat website. I'm hoping to meet some new people. It's a small wine tasting, only 16 people (I had to reserve a seat). Wish me luck, and yummy wine! Unfortunately it goes until 10pm and it's in Puxi so it will be a late night for me, but I really do need to get out of my apartment more.

Yesterday I had a class with all of Class One (A and B), the 15 visiting Arizona students and the foreign teachers. About 50 people total. A daunting task. Plus we were doing pubsinging so I had to SING in front of all these people. The class overall went ok, but my students were being a bit more unruly than usual, so it didn't make me look that good in front of the guests. Plus the class started with a bang and then kind of fizzled out. I should have switched the order of the songs and put Rattlin Bog at the end. The students had a lot of fun and laughs doing that, and then got bored with the other two I picked. *sigh* I suppose I expect too much. My students can't have a great time in my class 100% of the time.

Today for lunch the fruit was a pomelo...a kind of grapefruit. The flesh of the fruit looked like the inside of a tauntaun from Star Wars. Tasted kind of sour, but overall good. It's similar to a grapefruit apparently. Oh! I also found out that I've been eating pig's feet for weeks without knowing about it.

In completely unrelated news, I am practicing "Of Angels and Angles" by the Decemberists on the guitar. If you have not heard this song, you should go listen to it right now because it's lovely.

The midterms got pushed back a week so now I have to reorganize what we're doing in class.

Yesterday marks two months here.

Much love,

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