Sunday, 12 October 2008


So today I met up with Charlotte in Puxi. We had some Japanese food for lunch and then wandered around for a while. We would literally get to a street corner and then debate which way to go based on which way looked the most interesting. I got some rice paper so I can practice calligraphy. I also found a super cool yarn shop. It is on the corner of Fuzhou road and Yunnan road. I am writing that to remind myself when I forget later and want to go back.

After that we headed to the "music street". I thought we would be walking up and down that street and looking in every shop before I was satisfied and would pick a guitar. Nope! Second shop we went into I found it. I fell in love with this black beauty for only 580RMB ($85). I figured for a decent guitar I was going to have to spend around 500, so I felt ok with the price. I checked for the things I know to check for like string tension, but I'm no expert (like Davey Booney!). Seems like a good guitar to me for the price I paid. I also got some new strings for when the ones that are on it now die, and the store gave me a free soft carrying case to get it home.
Isn't he pretty? I think I have decided to call him "影龙" or "yinglong" which means Shadow Dragon. I thought it was fitting for a guitar as sexy and hardcore as he quite obviously is.

I figured I would throw some other pictures in for the hell of it. I made this bracelet yesterday for June to thank her for the teacup she got me. Her wrists seem tiny to me, so I made it tiny. I hope it fits ok.
It seems like there are fireworks every night here coming from SOME direction. Sometimes I ignore them, sometimes I watch. Tonight the view off of my balcony with the fireworks and the full moon was just too pretty not to take a picture.
I have noticed that since now I have a bike, walking anywhere seems tedious. Even walking to the bus stop today felt like: "WHAT? I have to walk WHERE? That'll take me almost 11 whole minutes!!"

I think tonight I will be playing my new guitar. Tomorrow I have to see if I can remember how to teach.

Love from me a Shadow Dragon,


Mom said...

YAY! Fancy new guitar! Nice new bracelet. Fun fireworks.

Bonnie said...

WALKING IS SOOOO TEDIOUS! Biking all the way!