Thursday, 19 February 2009

Where Are Your Notes?

Today in class I had my students write me a summary on the lecture about X-Men I gave them a couple days ago. In the class I just got out of I have two students who always talk to each other and never pay attention. So even though I gave them plenty of clues like "you should take notes now" and "you will need these notes later" I could clearly see them not paying attention.

So today when I told them to start writing the summary, I walked over to the two of them after the other students bent their heads over their notebooks to write. I addressed one student;

Me: Where are your notes? (even though I KNOW he wasn't taking notes in the last class)
Student A: In class downstairs. (Surrrrrrrre)
Me: Did you take notes?
Student A (pointing to the student next to him): I copied his notes.
Me (to Student B): Where are your notes?
Student B: I didn't take notes.

*cue brain exploding*

I don't want to waste my time and energy on students who aren't even going to try, but at the same time I don't want to just ignore them. For one thing it distracts the students who actually are trying to pay attention and for the other I don't want to abandon them if they just need a little encouragement. And oy yeah...I'm obsessive and don't like to give up.

Ah well. I really should focus on the good students and good classes. Yesterday's morning class with Class B was so good I twirled around the room after my students left I was so happy. Everyone was taking notes and paying attention. I had students who normally don't even pay attention asking questions and everyone seemed really interested.

Well, as per usually I should run to make my lesson plan. Seems thats what I'm doing 80% of the time.

Much love,

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