Saturday, 21 February 2009

Knitting Update Five

First off, Happy Birthday Mama-San! :-)

I am a bit behind in my knitting updates. I got some squares mixed up but I am about 95% sure I got it all figured out. For some reason blogger is being stupid and even though I rotated and saved these pictures in the correct position three times, they still have half the pictures flipped one way and half the other. Bah.

First off, we have this square from Sabrina and Mike. I worked on it while I was on the plane both heading home for my visit and on the way back.
This is the first square I finished after my trip back to Shanghai. It's from Alice Powers at Kamatics.
This square is kinda special because I knit it on my trip to Harbin. It's from Emanuela from my mom's work.
And this square is from Auntie Bonnie. The colors in the yarn look so much better when I take the pictures in sunlight. I should do that from now on.
I am currently knitting up a square with yarn from Emily G.


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