Monday, 9 February 2009

Back in School!

So I am feeling much better now, just so you know. :-)

First of all I got some nice gifts while I was away. Zeno sent me a postcard and card from England. June got me these lovely Celtic knot earrings. Jane got me English Breakfast tea. The older woman in my office got me a purse with like 5 little purses inside. One of my students got me a key chain from Hawaii that has my name in Hawaiian. Plus lots of candy from different places. I also got a crank pencil sharpener shaped like a cow as a thank you present for judging the drama contest at the primary school about a month ago.

I put the picture frame from from Liz and the small stuffed frog from Rose on my desk so it feels even more homey.

I didn't realize how much I missed my coworkers and students until I saw them again. I just had my first class back and it was very laid back. One of my students who usually never pays attention talked a lot. I take it all as a good sign for the semester.

OH! And remember when I said that some of my classes were being taken away for another teacher? They took away my two whole class periods. The two periods every week where I had to teach all of class 1 and all of class 2. YAY! I hated teaching 30 students at once. I felt really outnumbered and more nervous. I couldn't move the desks around or really get a conversation started. I am SO HAPPY that they took those two classes away.

Last night I planned to take a nap from 330 to 6, then wake up and eat some dinner and stay up until 9 or 10. Instead I slept through my alarm until 1am. I stayed up until 2 and then slept until 6. Wow. Hopefully because of all that sleep I will be able to stay up until a normal bedtime TODAY and be back on China time by tomorrow. Unfortunately I missed dinner at Blue Frog with the other foreign teachers. Apparently they knocked on my door around 6 but I was dead to the world by then.

Anyway, even though not much has happened I wanted to post to let people know I was in much better spirits today. I feel full of vim and vigor. Although that could be the two cups of coffee. ;-)

Much love!

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Cori said...

Hmmm and perhaps you will soon receive more gifts.... :) aaand by soon I mean in like 3 months.... We miss you! P.S. Stacy and I will totally come visit if you can find a way for us to stow away on a boat or plane. However, from both of our past experiences with language, we will be attempting to address the Chinese in a combination of Spanish and Japanese slang....P.P.S. That kid you met in the airport sounds totally should have made out with him in a stairwell...just a thought :)