Friday, 13 February 2009

Wanna take a trip?

So if anyone was thinking of visiting me/checking out China but thought that the idea of a $1,200 flight was a bit much, I stumbled upon THIS when I was checking out a Shanghai website.

3880 RMB round trip NYC to Shanghai?? That's only $570! Less than HALF of what my round trip ticket here cost me. Jeez.

Of course I am not 100% sure if it's true and you would need to check out the details, but City Weekend is a good website/magazine and checks their sources to prevent scams.

Anyway. Thought that was cool.

*goes back to drinking cheap instant coffee*


Emily said...

Ummmm is there any way that's actually true?? If so I will immediately get a part time job and save up...haha

kj said...


i wish i had even that much in my bank account :(

i wouldnt have bought that car if i'd known there were flights like that out there...

kimmieb said...

oh man, you have to use it between certain dates and i'm still in school :(