Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I have a new student in one of my classes and he is possibly made of awesome.

His English is excellent, but that's not the reason I like him. He is very creative and has a fun sense of humor.

Remember how I said I gave a lecture of X-Men so they could practice taking notes? His notes are hilarious.

Here are some of the reasons why:

-He drew a sketch of Wolverine and under his special powers he wrote "super sense, super healing, super hairstyle"
-Wolverine also has a note that says "pointy claws" and an arrow pointing at his claws
-Under Mystique and next to the word "shape shifter" he drew a picture of a person turning into a cow
-Under Iceman he wrote "good for picnics"
-And my personal favorite? All over the notes he has little sketches of Nightcrawler next to a cloud that says "poof" as though he just teleported there. Two pages later in his notes, at the bottom of the page that has his X-Men summary is another little Nightcrawler and another little *poof*.

I seriously want to photo copy his notes and keep them.

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