Friday, 27 February 2009

Life Updates...List Form!

Here is some stuff that I have been doing/eating/thinking...

-It's been over a year since I last worked at Kamatics. And yet almost every time I get up to get to class/use the bathroom, I still instinctively reach for my safety glasses. (I used to work in an office in the middle of the workshop and we were required to wear safety glasses in the shop)

-I have a sudden intense desire to play 1000 Blank White Cards but I don't think anyone I hang out with here has either the right sense of humor or any desire to play.

-I have been listening to bellydancing music at work while I correct homework/make lesson plans to help get myself pumped. It works, although one side effect is that sometimes I end up dancing around in my chair without realizing it.

-Yesterday I wore a bandanna to keep my hair out of my face. People said I looked like a pirate. today I am wearing a shawl. People say I look like a witch.

-Wednesday night I went out to dinner with Charlotte to a Greek restaurant in Thumb Plaza. They didn't have ANYTHING I wanted to order so I ended up with something I wasn't excited about and it didn't taste good. I probably won't go back.

-It has rained for about a week now and says it's going to rain for the next ten days too. BAH! Stupid Shanghai and it's rainy season. Maybe I should buy rainboots....

-Last night Zeno and I got dinner at Yummi House. I got curry seafood risotto. It was 6 different kinds of tasty. We also got these delicious desserts that were real fruit that had been hollowed out, frozen and filled with a light ice cream. It was so fruity and refreshing and not too sweet. I am definately going back in the summer.

-I am happy because I think I have a better sense of how to fill up a class now. Not once so far this semester have I run out of stuff to do in a class period. I know the kind of questions to ask so I can make class discussions last longer and I always have a backup plan just in case. It's a good feeling.

-Tonight Zeno and I are going to make dumplings. I am super excited about this. I am finally going to make dumplings from scratch!

-I have been called cute 4 times today (all online) and it's not even noon! :-)

-Tomorrow Zeno and I are going to help with the River of Hearts Charity again (remember that sorting/packing of clothes thing I did in like...November?) and then I am taking her out for dinner at the DongBei restaurant for her birthday. Yum.

-Instant coffee and a little bit of hot chocolate make a delicious midmorning treat.

That's all for now!


vickierice said...

Wow! Stephanie's brain....unchartered territory.

I'd play 1000 Blank White Cards with you!

kj said...