Tuesday, 9 December 2008

They Like Me!

So today I sent out some cards and packages. I have now officially sent packages out to everyone who I have received a package from so far and cards to everyone who has sent me a card or letter. I feel very accomplished. And poor. Yikes. I'm going to live off of noodles for the rest of the month. Meh, I would rather send out packages and cards than buy a toaster oven (or two...).

In different, very happy making making news, I sent out an e-mail to the woman here who hired me to ask if they had job openings next semester since Alex and Jenny were curious. I mentioned that I like working at this school and got this e-mail in response:

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for refering our school to your friends and I was more than happy to read that you enjoyed your working with us here at Pinghe and so do we. Every time I bumped into Ms. Luo and Xuping either at meetings or at the cafeteria, they would more often than not talk about you with so much satisfaction. I think they really take pride in what you've done.
Once again, thank you for your hard work and I'm looking forward to meeting you at the school Christmas dinner in two weeks.

Just for reference, Mrs. Luo is the principle of the IB dept and XuPing is like the coordinator/director.

It makes me happy that people here seem to think I can do this job well.

This afternoon for review for the test I am going to have a snowball fight in class. I am putting review questions on pieces of paper and then they are going to ball them up and throw them at each other. When I call stop, I'll call on a student to answer a question on their snowball. I thought it would be a fun way to burn energy and review.

I gotta make my lesson plan for the rest of the week...

Much love!


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