Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Pictures!

Me, Lucy and Audrey at Lucy's apartment on Christmas Eve. By a weird coincidence we all ended up wearing red and black.
This is a wood carving my parents sent me. My friend Liz's grandfather carved it and thought it was cool that it was coming all the way to Shanghai. So I took a picture of it with the Shanghai skyline in the background. Sorry it's not too clear...
My bamboo plant from my welcome bouquet is still alive. Here he is all dressed up for Christmas!
These are Christmas decorations my parents sent me.
This is an example of the Christmas presents I gave to the teachers in my office. Isn't the cup pretty?
This is my Christmas tree on Christmas morning with my package from my parents under it.
This is a Christmas tree from a huge mall in Puxi. It's from the Swarovski crystal people.

That's all for now. Love!

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Cori said...

Thanks sooooo much for the Christmas card!! It was waiting on my kitchen table when I got home :) Hope you had a good Christmas and perhaps we shall be seeing soon....OMG !