Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Oh dear, oh dear...

Well the IT guy at Pinghe got the viruses off of my computer. Randy thinks I got it from watching movies online, the IT guy said that some high school students had the same virus and I probably got it from letting them give me their homework on a thumb drive. Either way, I got it. Now it's gone, but I can't open word documents or play music or anything. I tried to do a system restore but it didn't work. It's likely that we'll have to wipe my computer and reinstall Windows 2007. Which means I'll lose all of my recent work. All of my pictures and videos and word documents since like...March? I think that's the last time I did a full backup on my huge external. I have a whole new respect for viruses now. UGH. I REALLY hope I don't need to wipe my computer. I had done some writing and taken some pictures and I really don't want to lose everything...

Yesterday I bought a DVD player which I brought back home and set up only to find it didn't work. It's a Philip's so it's not like I bought a no name brand thing. I'm going to bring it back tonight and try to exchange it for another one. BAH! Technology not working for me!

Last night I also bought....long underwear! I'm sure Pete is laughing at me because just a few weeks ago he was like "Get yourself some long underwear!" and I was like "HA! I laugh in the face of long underwear!" Maybe it's because I've been sick for like a week, maybe it's because they don't really turn on the heat indoors, or maybe the winter here is just different from what I'm used to....but damnit I've been pretty cold! I feel quite comfy today though wearing my new long johns. Maybe I'll buy another pair. Mmm.

Tonight is seriously "clean the apartment" night. I haven't swept in forever and my dishes are kinda gross. Plus I've had clean dry laundry sitting in my dryer for days. Augh. It sucks getting healthy after being sick for a long time because suddenly you have to do everything you've been neglecting.

In my class this morning my students were silent as rocks. After three good classes yesterday I was really surprised. I played a game with them for ten minutes to wake them up and with the promise they would talk more after we played. They got a little better but not much. Oh well. I really am thankful for my improv experience to let me respond to different class situations. I keep flip flopping between feeling like an ok teacher and feeling like a total fraud.

I need to make another monthly test for next week and I need to finalize what I'm doing in the writing class this afternoon. I think my students can tell when I am excited about a lesson and when I am nervous or bored with it.

I gotta run to class. If you don't hear from me in a while it probably means my computer is being fixed up.



Pete said...

Haha, I would never laugh at you! My tips are all based on my experience so never discount them. All you need now is an electric blanket and a space heater (if you don't have them already).

Stephanie in Shanghai said...

I already had a space heater in the apartment. I named him Sauron Jr. because when it's on it looks like a glowing red eye!

Apparently we get a winter blanket and I do have a heater in my apartment so I'm going to see if I can hold off on the electric blanket, though I did take a peek at them at Carrefour the other day. :-)

Pete said...

Good! I hate to see you freeze.

I would just get an electric blanket. They are pretty as I recall. Just turn it on high a half-hour/hour before you go to bed and then you bed should be nice and toasty. I don't know if I would leave it on overnight though.

FYI, the cheap electric blankets go under your sheets.

Cori said...

Poor Stephie! I have been out of the China loop! I would mail some chicken soup but I feel it would go badly and arrive like...after you have already come home. Ask the IT guy if he can save your stuff before he wipes the computer, I thought there was a way to do that...but I don't actually understand technology so maybe not. Miss you!! P.s. what month do you come home? cause I think it might be close to when I come home and we should have a joint YAY BACK TO NORMAL LIFE party :) and also watch every single new episode of Lost in one sitting. The End.

Allison said...

longjohns are fantastic! i am glad we manage to convert you.