Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Maybe technology doesn't hate me...

So I've been using notepad to write up things for class since Word doesn't work. I also am starting to realize how often I usually listen to music now that I have no way to listen to music (other than waiting for stuff to load online which takes FOREVER).

Also, I took this printscreen on Monday when I first saw the box bouncing around my screen because I couldn't read what it said (it was moving too fast). You can see the box with the magic wand that says "This computer is being attacked". On a happier note, you can see the beautiful fall background I picked because I was missing new england autumn. I should pick a winter one now.
I think I don't have to lose all my recent documents, music and pictures. Even though I can't open any of my documents in word/excel/etc, if I e-mail them to myself I can view them in google html format. So the data is still there, the virus just removed my ability to view them normally. I think I'm going to do a huge memory dump onto my big external hard drive tonight since my laptop is now clean. Then the IT guy can wipe my comp and reinstall Windows. Or whatever needs to be done. I am slightly less upset now.

Also, I returned the DVD player last night. I told them it had a problem and they tested it right in front of me and it didn't work. They gave me another one and I asked if we could test that one before I went home and they did. It worked. I brought it home and it still worked. YAY! Now I can watch movies in the living room like a real person! I gotta say, sitting on my futon last night knitting and having a snack felt pretty cool.

Health wise I feel alot better although my nose is running so bad I feel like I'm going to run out of tissues by the end of today.

Umm...I forgot what else I was going to say cuz my coworkers are playing with a cellphone and it's kinda funny.


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Cori said...

lol what a delightful way to find out your computer is being attacked!