Wednesday, 31 December 2008

PingHe New Year's Party

So last night was the PingHe High School New Year's party.

I was involved with a few things. One, I can't remember if I already told you guys about it or not, but I was in a "Guess Who" game. Some upperclassmen students took a picture of the back of my head with my red pen sticking out of my ponytail. It's an old habit of mine to keep a pen in my ponytail and I've gotten some weird reactions here about it. A woman from my office said it was "romantic" and another teacher gave me a Christmas present of a hair pin because she said that she thought it would look nicer than a pen. Anyway, when the picture came up during the game, a student that I've never even taught before took one look at it and said "Stephanie!!" and won the prize. If you ask me it was too easy since I am the only person in the entire high school that has blondish/brown hair.

I was also in Class 10 (1)'s play. I had a few small things I had to do including be the voice over for a character, I was a farmer, and I also was a delivery person.

The strangest thing I did was sing "Duimiande nuhai kangoulai". It was the first time I had played guitar in front of more than 6 people or so. It was terrifying. I'm fine in front of crowds speaking or acting...but singing or playing guitar? SCARY! In the middle of the song I was shaking so bad I could barely get my fingers to hit the right chords.

Ahh well. It was fun. I cross-dressed a bit with my sweater vest, white shirt and tie. I also tucked all my hair up in my irish cap. The teachers that were dancing all dressed like high school girls. They had borrowed the student's skirts/shirts/sweatshirts from their uniforms. And Randy? Wow. He wore quite the outfit. I suppose I will let the video show that.

Anyway, here is the video. I love how when I start singing the crowd kind of goes a little crazy (I'm guessing because I sang in Chinese...). The crowd then goes nuts again when they see their teachers dressed like students. And then everyone loses it when they see Randy! :-)

Be kind when you watch the video though. My singing is rather off (remember I was terrified?).


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