Sunday, 14 December 2008

Knitting Update Four, Nanjing Pictures Link

I was a speed demon and went right through four more squares. Here they are!

This is from Dawn at Kamatics. She wrote a really sweet note and stuck it in the yarn. Now the note is on my wall of love and here is the finished square.
This yarn is from my Grandpa and Grandma Stebbins. I really love this color combination. Like a sunset.
This is yarn from my cousin Savannah. This color skein seemed to be a popular choice. I'm guessing because I like blue so much. :-)
Annnnd this one is from Kim! This was one of the ones I got in the mail. Mmm purple and pink.
That's it for knitting for now. Currently working on a square from Auntie Bonnie.

Also, if you want to see more pictures from my Nanjing trip you can see my albums HERE and HERE.

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