Wednesday, 27 August 2008

My Medical Exam

So today was my medical exam. Which would have been a little scary if I had been by myself, but there were two other foreign teachers with me. Charlotte from New Zealand and Lisa from NYC. They both seem very nice. Lisa was here last year. She couldn't tell me too much about my job in particular since she works at the primary school, but she was able to tell me and Charlotte a little about working at the school and the surrounding area. After a long bus ride, a long wait, and some paper work, we got changed into some robes (that were actually quite comfortable) and got shuffled from room to room.

First I was weighed and measured (I am 179 cm tall! Good to know.) Then I went to another room and got two tubes of blood drawn. Then I went to another room where a woman checked my blood pressure, listened to my lungs and did that doctory thing where they dig their fingers in your stomach and make little circles (doctors have been doing that to me for years...what the heck are they looking for?).

Then I went to another room where I had an ECG done. That was a new experience. For anyone else how there who doesn't know what this is, this is the best picture I could find online.
There were also plastic clamp things on my ankles and wrists. (When the woman put the clamps on my ankles and then went to put the sensors over my heart, they couldn't reach. She had to readjust them. HA!)

Next I went to another room for a quick eye test, nose and ear exam. Next room they did a ultrasound/sonogram/whatever on my lungs. The woman was NOT gentle. Ah well. Then all three of us (along with some other people) were marched in our robes outside to the next building were we had chest x-rays done. All done! The whole process was pretty quick and efficient. Hopefully all the tests went well and soon I'll have my foreign experts card!

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