Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Knitting Update

Just wanted to put up the pictures of the squares I've already completed for the blanket!

I know they look kind of lumpy, but once I steam them, they will flatten out and be easier to connect.

This first square is made from the skein of yarn given to me after I gave a talk about China at Jessica's (Donna's daughter) school. I don't know if it was from Jessica or the school, but here it is!

This square was knitting from a skein of yarn given to me by John Martin and his family.
This square is from Bruce (from Kamatics) and Jen.
This was the first square I made en-route to and in China. It's a skein from Chelsea Rowe.
I finished this square last night. The yarn was from the Millers.

I am picking which yarn to work on by random. I reach my hand in the bag and work with whatever comes out. Now I am working on a square with yarn from Patty Chung (also from Kamatics). Of course I didn't realize until I started it that it's the same color scheme as the yarn from the Miller's. Oh well!

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