Tuesday, 26 August 2008

"Cooking" in my "Kitchen"

Well, I did it. I started to cook in my kitchen.

First up on the menu was some chicken/ramen/noodle type thing that I made for lunch yesterday. Amy suggested this brand at my first trip to Carrefour. I asked her what her favorite was and she pointed to a bright red package (which usually indicates SPICY). I told her I didn't want anything too spicy so she suggested another kind, which I bought. It was so spicy that it made my FACE HURT. Here is a picture of it cooking. I still ate about half of it because I was starving, but I don't plan on making it again. Maybe I'll give the rest to Amy.

At a larger trip to Carrefour yesterday, I bought a lot more food stuffs. Including....pork dumplings! I bought a package of frozen dumplings and boiled some for dinner. They were pretty tasty. They would have been better with some soy sauce or something. I need to get some more kitchen staples. Things like spices and oils and the like. Right now the only food I have that isn't a main food item in and of itself is a margarine-type-spread. I didn't feel like shelling out the big bucks to get "REAL BUTTER!"

Last on the menu (or at least the last thing I cooked that I took a picture of) was eggs for breakfast. Now, I don't really like eggs much, but I couldn't find a cereal I really liked, I don't have a toaster, and all the porridge I found said "cereal drink" on it. Plus I figured eggs...protein...good way to start the day. Again, some spices would have REALLY come in handy. Or some cheese. :-( All I had was that margarine spread to grease the pan and a little milk. All told, it tasted fine, just a little bland. A glass of orange juice and I had myself a decent breakfast. (Just a note, cuz I know there is no point of reference...it's a small plate. I didn't make myself a mountain of eggs for breakfast.)

I bought another package of ramen, this time it was shrimp flavored. That was lunch today and it was very good and not spicy. I'll probably have more dumplings for dinner. I also picked up my lunch swiping card from Amy today, so I'll be able to report on the quality of the school "canteen" (as they call it) after lunch tomorrow.

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